Red Velvet Oreo Cookie White Chocolate Rice Crispy Treat Oh My!

Sweet Treat for those who have a sweet tooth like me.

Sweet Treat for those who have a sweet tooth like me.

So what was your favorite treat growing up as a child? Mine was of course the famous rice crispy treat. I loved having rice crispy for cereal, but it could never ever compare until my mom made it into that square treat that was so sweet! I would always love helping my mom make them and then of course try to lick the bowl, yet that was a task in itself.

How did I come about this new inventive style for the old fashion Treat, well last year I made these treats with the plain Oreo Cookies and they were a hit at Christmas time. My Husband had text me that he heard Nabisco was going to make Red Velvet for a limited time for Valentines day. I got all excited cause one I love Oreo cookies, but two Red Velvet Oh Yum! So I waited Patiently and got them in February. I did not just get one bag I got like 8 of them. I made a big batch of them for my job .Our event that we were doing was  March of Dimes bake sale, apparently they were a hit.  WARNING they are very sweet may put you in a sugar coma, but I think they are well worth it so enjoy my recipe.

2 bags of miniature marshmallows you need to use at least one bag and then half of the other bag.

6 cups of Rice Crispy cereal

1/2 cup of Butter

1 bag of Red velvet Oreo Cookies usually 20  Oreo Cookies ( OK I am bad I eat about three while making these and then add 5 more cookies to the recipe)

1 bag of candy quick white vanilla flavored ( you can usually find this at Target stores)

The first step is to put all the Oreo Cookies in a gallon zip lock bag and then smash them up pretty good with a rolling pin. Please Kids do this when your parents are around to help you this is a dangerous task  LOL)

Next throw in 6 cups of Rice Crispy in a large bowl, and then throw in the smashed Oreo cookies and mix them up pretty good make sure there are no chunky pieces of the cookies break them up.

Now use a big Pot on the stove to low to medium heat and add in the 1/2 cup of butter and stir it around to get it to melt. Make sure you do not get the butter to hot cause then it will turn brown and your treats are going to not taste so well.

once the Butter is melted then add in your Miniature Marshmallows and stir them in with the butter to get them melted down. make sure there are no lumps nice and smooth.

So once they are melted then transfer the Melted Marshmallows to the bowl with the Rice crispy s and Oreo Cookies. Mix really well make sure they are sticky.

You want to use a a 12×15 pan now here is the trick grease that baby cause it makes life so much easier when you get them out.

OK so now transfer the Mix in the pan, and here is a awesome trick I thought of since I hate using a spatula to press that stuff down I use a piece of wax paper to put over it and then press on the mix to get it packed really well no mess and no stickiness! 

Candy quick is pretty much the last part of putting this treat together and I have to say I swear by this stuff! The taste is great and it works so well with other stuff, but enough of that . You want to put the whole tray in the microwave and nuke it 3 times for 40 seconds at a time. You are thinking um why well it really is a good idea cause if you try to do it for one time only there is a chance you could burn the chocolate and that does not make your treats taste good, let alone look good.

Once they are nicely melted poor it over the top of the batch smooth it all over and then put it in the Fridge for an hour. Yes an hour helps it set well, then again you may be inpatient LOL.

take them out after an hour let them sit at room temperature for 15 minutes  ( oh remember when I said grease the pan it makes life easier well turn the pan over and then the whole batch comes out all still together!)  and cut them into squares.

There you have it my Crazy yummy sweet treat, I hope you enjoy and just a reminder I do not want to know if you got cavities from eating to many of them.


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