Old Fashion Idea for Independence Day

This was done out of a palet

This was done out of a pallet

fourth of July Flag 2Well it is that time of year again where we all celebrate fourth of July. I always love this time of year cause I like to get crafty, something about the Red, White, and blue colors. This year I wanted to do something old fashion since I love vintage stuff. One day a couple of weeks ago I went to Michael’s craft store and came across a bunch of Pallets that you could hang on the wall for decoration. I thought to myself perfect know what I can do to with this thing.  Then I found some wooden stars there to and bought those. Of course I thought to myself  surely I  can not put 51 stars on the flag. I remembered the old flag where there were only thirteen, and thought perfect such a classic idea.

The first thing I did was stain it all over with a classic vintage grey color so I used Minwax wood finish classic grey number 271. Really I only used one coat of it, since You do not need a whole lot it really is not going to show through to much.  After I let it dry then I  used folk art paint red, white, and blue to paint on top of the stain. To prevent myself from making mistakes I of course Put tape down along the edges that way I would not get any bleeding cause then I would really be upset. you could use paint tape or even masking tape which I did used since I had that lying around the house. Oh before I forget I used actually two coats of the red and white on the flag not so much of the blue since the stain underneath helped that color to pop.

Next I painted all  13 of the stars white and used two coats of paint on them. After I let them dry then I just used my trusty Glue Gun and glued them on the pallet. Once they were dry I used a Matte Acrylic clear coat spray over it and let it dry.

The last thing I did to make it look Vintage and a little warped I sanded it down not all the way down but just enough to bring out that Grey stain that is underneath the paint. Now you understand what the Grey stain was for  ;).

I loved every minute of doing this and now I am going to hang this over my door.



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