Cool as a Cucumber drink H2O

Cool as a cucumber drink

It is that time of year when  Summer becomes hot, and we all become a little more active doing  something out doors whether it be doing  sporting activites, working out in the yard, or just playing in the sun. This is when we have to hydrate ourselves with a little bit of H20.

Now I am one that hates water unless it has some flavoring to it then that is when I drink it. A couple of weeks ago my mother mentioned to me about this little concoction that she made up for her water. At first I was like yeah yeah mom OK I will try it, not. Then I thought about it and she did say it is refreshing, and something that helps with detoxing yourself so that made me even more curious.  I have to say this is a hit in my house and she was so right ( I hate saying my mom is right so don’t tell her that! ). It is such an easy idea, and so refreshing you could enjoy this even at a party. You could just add sparkling water to it, and it would be so cool, crisp and refreshing you would keep drinking more.

Recipe for Cool as a Cucumber

Cut 5 slices of Cucumbers

cut 3 slices of Lemon ( I like to use Meyer Lemon)  Tid bit the darker yellow the better

cut up Mint leaves if they are big leaves use about 4 leaves  ( tid bit with mint when buying it make sure you can smell it about a couple of inches away from your nose if so buy that one very potent and the best kind)

Put that in your pitcher, and then add ice cubes and fill it up with water.

I let it sit over night to get a lot of the flavors from the ingredients, now of course if you are going to use sparkling water let it sit for an hour before serving.  Can not wait to try this at our next little family event!


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