Diamonds are a girls best friend

Diamonds are a girls best friend

I love that  saying Diamonds are a girls best friend. I recently saw at a local craft store a unique Jewelry holder of a frame with some lace attached to it and then it had Jewelry placed on it hanging up on a wall. I thought how cool is that, but I think I can make something similar  or close to it.  I had already had some eyelets at home, and left over burlap from another project that  I came up with this cool idea. Why not buy canvas wrap it in Burlap, paint it add the eyelets to it and there you have it a jewelry holder. The only problem was I could put the eyelets in the canvas, but once you put Jewelry on them the canvas is going to rip.  I thought hard and remembered some corks that I have been saving for other ideas.  So I put corks on the back side of the canvas twisted a cork on each eyelet and Ta da it worked held the eyelet tight in the canvas. Plus the corks prevent markings on the wall.  It seriously is not hard to do, and you can decorate them whatever way you want to. Right now I am making another one to sell at a upcoming Holiday Bizarre. Jewlery Holder


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