A thanksgiving idea to cherish with your family

Thanksgiving idea2

I love family Traditions and I use to have one with my dad’s family before my parents divorced. I have such a big family on my fathers side that every year we would get together at Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Loved those memories with all my Cousins getting together playing while the adults would hang out and shoot the breeze talk about what has been going on in their lives or occasional Politics would get brought up. My Grandparents would literally have three tables full of food, due to the fact everyone would bring a dish or two. Just love those memories and I truly Cherish those moments. I think sometimes we deal with so much in our lives we forget to stop and think to ourselves What am I thankful for in my life.

As time goes by we get older traditions change because we start our own families, Thanksgiving should be a time to be with family and enjoy the moments instead of shopping or waiting for Black Friday. Two years ago my husband and I were talking about this , and we thought what can we do each year for Thanksgiving with the family a new tradition to cherish with all. My husband came up with a brilliant idea why not get Christmas ornaments that are blank, bring them over to who ever is having the Thanksgiving gathering. Each person gets to choose an ornament and gets to write on it what they are thankful for and when they are done the whole family gathers together and hangs their ornament on a tree or if you do not have a tree a plant. our family fell in love with this idea, and I have to say we all had fun, and enjoyed doing it together. Not only did we stuff ourselves with good food and wine, but we enjoyed the moment of just being with family, and taking that little time together and giving thanks, and sharing why we give thanks.Now this is a new tradition that we do every year, and I absolutelyThanksgiving idea love it.

I hope everyone takes a moment in their lives and just capture those special moments with family, and friends this Thanksgiving, and future ones. Life is to precious so remember Holidays should not have to be presents, and shopping for those specials cause you can always replace those, you never can replace the greatest moments with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


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