A Business that needs recognition


OFP Farms

Old fashion Polly Magnesium cream Courtesy of OPF Farms


I have to take a moment to say thank you to OFP Farms for making something that works! During memorial day weekend my friend and I went to Sutter Creek and stumbled across a flea market, and several vendors. I came across OFP Farms tent and was not sure what to expect. The lady that was there explaining about their products actually was very helpful, and showed me their creams and salves. She talked about the magnesium cream and how it has helped her with her aches and pains from Plantar Fasciitis.

That was the light bulb for me because I have been suffering for years with this problem, and I have tried everything from Cortisone shots, physical therapy, orthotics and all those ideas seem to help, but then it comes back and I have to not be on my feet to much. If you know me I am not one who likes to be sitting all the time I like to be active and go for long walks, run, yoga, and kick boxing . So when the flair up happens to me I get so down because I know I have to limit myself to my activities that I love to do.

So I decided what the heck why not try this natural made idea and see if this will help me since I have been trying to do more Homeopathic treatments. It is now three weeks since I have been using this stuff and I totally swear by this stuff!  You really do not have to use to much of this stuff for it to work I bought the 2 oz cream and my husband and I have been using it.  My Husband he suffers from bone spurs and foot pain in both of his feet and I can’t believe he now puts this stuff on his feet everyday. He has not suffered from the pain he has in his feet ( however he is on his feet all day at work, he still gets an ache at the end of the day, but he says it is more tolerable than it was before so that is a plus).

The other day I had some neck pain and stiffness due to stress, and I have two protruding disks in my neck I used a little of the cream and rubbed it in. It certainly helped the stiffness and pain was gone, but I was a little achy due to me massaging it in. I felt like I just had a massage which if you have ever had a massage you would know what you feel like the day after a little achy the normal feeling.

Please check this Business out I plan on being a customer for a long time great products, and very friendly people. I would love to get the word out for them , now I use to work in Podiatry as an Medical assistant so I know all the ways to keep myself from being in pain with the Plantar Fasciitis I do all the things I am suppose to do. If your anything like me and want to try something new to see if anything helps please try this. I will be realistic with you  its not magic stuff that takes the pains Completely  away, but honestly it is great stuff certainly helps me and my husband. So please check out OFP Farms let them know you heard about them from my blog.


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