Happy fourth Anniversay at Mulvaney’s


Courtesy of Mulvaney’s B&L

It has been four years since I married my husband, and for our anniversary he made reservations to Mulvaney’s B&L. I had no idea this place existed ( Sorry guess I do not get out much these days) until last weekend.  This place is a hidden gem in Downtown Sacramento an old brick building that is not so fancy on the inside, but very quaint and homey inside. The staff is wonderful they show no stress while working, and are very good at explaining the meals that will be presented that evening. Each day is a different menu apparently that was definitely a plus since my husband and I are such foodies.  Such a wonderful experience for the both of us, each entree was beautifully executed, and had such eclectic flavors leaving you guessing what is the next entree going to taste like. We did not leave that place disappointed at all. I have to add even my Cosmopolitan was to die for I think the best one I have ever had.

It was so nice to be able to share each entree with my husband and just be able to enjoy the scene of this place, making me feel like I did not want to leave I wanted to join in the fun in the kitchen.

So if you ever decide you want some quaint place to enjoy a date night or even have the whole family together and enjoy some food this is the place to go. It was certainly Heaven for us each meal got better and better, and the piece to the resistance was their version of a Hostess Ding Dong, Um way over the top leaving you in a food Coma.

Thank you Mulvaney’s for the wonderful evening and I had the pleasure to taste your craft.



The Bruetsch’s


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