A Short Christmas Story about a Chair


I want to say it certainly has been a long time since my last posting and I truly apologize. My Husband and I have had a lot of things going on in our lives for the past several months. We have been busy with family, along with searching for our new home, moving, and the holidays. I finally am able to get back into my Blog and share my ideas. This blog is a little different from all the other Blogs I have shared and it is special to me. I want to share about a old rocking chair that has been in my family for many years for at least 45 years.

My parents bought this as a piece of furniture for their house, but the big reason why it is so special is that my parents rocked each one of us  children to sleep when we were  new born, or when we were so sick we could not sleep. At one point it was given to my aunt when my parents split, that I was not sure if I would ever see it again. My aunt had called me up one day and told me she still had it and wanted to know if I wanted it back. I certainly did because I loved that chair, and it had so many great memories for me.

When I had received the rocking chair It was still in good condition just had one arm handle a little loose, but I knew I could fix it up as good as new. The chair had several painted details on it that let’s just say was stuck in the 70’s so I stripped it down and refinished it a matte black. I admit I never have refinished something old to something new. Once it was done I sat in that chair and rocked away remembering all the memories from childhood. The one special memory I wanted to share was Santa holding my sister Melissa.

I was nine years old when my mother came across a newspaper article that said, “write to Santa and they will share your letter in the newspaper.” Well I was wanting to do it for my sister Melissa because she loved Santa Claus and she couldn’t do it herself because she had cerebral palsy a condition where she could not walk or talk. The only problem was I had just turned nine and the age cut off was 8. I still told my mom that I wanted to do it anyway and I will explain that I was writing on behalf of my sister and that she couldn’t do it herself. My dear mother helped me out with the letter and I sent it off in hopes they would read it.

One day  I was at home when my mother got a phone call. I sat there listening to her talk on the phone thanking whoever it was with a big smile on her face and tears of happiness. I thought to myself who is it she talking to and what is going on. When my mom got off the phone she pulled me to the side and whispered to me and said,” Charlena that was the local newspaper they got your letter.” I was thrilled until she told me they could not publish my letter in the newspaper because of my age, but they had  something even better they wanted to do for Melissa. She then said to me,” Charlena they loved your letter so much that they wanted to do something special for Melissa they want to send Santa Claus out to our house to see her!” I couldn’t believe it is this for real. We lived up in the mountains and around that time that Santa was coming out we ended up getting snow. I was so worried they would not show up due to the snow keeping them from not making it up the step hill we lived on. I just got home from school, and Melissa still had not gotten home from  the special school she went to. Her bus driver knew about the surprise and was trying really hard to get up that hill and she did it. We had gotten Melissa inside just in time because all of a sudden we heard honking and it was Santa Coming up our drive way in the snow in a tiny Datsun. Mom and I were looking out the kitchen window and seen the car coming up. We then ran into the living room where Melissa was and opened the front door. Melissa’s eyes were showing that she was confused and was wondering what is going on with mom and I. Mom and I saw Santa coming out of the car and start to walk up the Wheel chair ramp that we had for Melissa’s chair, but poor Santa slipped and started to slide down the ramp backwards saying Ho Ho Hooooooo! The most funniest thing ever, yet we both freaked out because we did not want him to get hurt. I then turned around and looked at my sisters face with the biggest smile, and getting all excited it was just great to see that reaction. Santa walked in and all I could remember is her smile, her excitement, it was certainly the best feeling to me that could warm the heart. Santa was there for Melissa for a good hour, and I will never forget that, but where am I going with the Chair well Santa sat there in the chair with Melissa holding her and talking to her.

One of my most fondest memory is this one, and every year I think of this moment in her life and in mine the best thing I had ever done for her. This rocking chair I have kept have seen a baby smile, sleep, be sick, and happiest moments hard to believe a piece a furniture holds those memories. The last memory I have is my mom, my cousin Jodi and I holding Melissa and rocking her to sleep the day before she passed away. Melissa ended up getting sick and was going back and forth to the hospital when she finally was released she still was under the weather, but no one could figure out what was going on. My last memory is not a sad one so please do not think this is sad, but holding her in my arms and rocking her and humming you are my sunshine to her I could see her smile at me while closing her eyes to sleep. It was a smile of love and peacefulness to me. She certainly was a beautiful little girl.

Melissa had passed away on February 16th 1984 the hardest time in all of our lives, but no matter what I hold on to this rocking chair because it reminds me of all the good memories of our family, and my sister Melissa the angel that was sent into all our lives. If you have ever seen the movie, ‘It’s a wonderful life” and the ending when the little girl says, ” look daddy every time a bell rings an angel gets it’s wings.” My favorite saying of all times and I truly believe.

Remember Christmas is not about presents, and food, and Santa it truly is about life, memories, family and friends. Merry Christmas Eve to all and to all a good night.


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