The Simplest things that you can turn into beautiful

Saftey Pin Bracelet (2)

Safety  Pin Bracelet

Hi Everyone I am back!  I can’t believe it has been 4 months since my last blog so I am so sorry that I have been on a mini hiatus.  Life has been crazy since we moved into our house the end of last year.  We have been so swamped with work, and trying to do updates on the house, family and friends coming to visit from time to time that I think I finally have some time to do some projects that I want to share on my blog. Today I wanted to share something crafty!  I have not done anything in a long time crafty so here it is.

My sister  has been sharing with me her craft and that is making jewelry.  I have certainly enjoyed her love of it, and so I wanted to take part in it also. My sister has been working on doing just earrings right now, and for me I just can’t seem to get into doing the earrings.  I recently went shopping at Charming Charlie ( yes a girly store that I really need to stay away from all together) Found a bracelet  that I fell in love with, but did not want to buy it.  I saw that it was made out of safety pins and tiny beautifully colored beads. I took a photo of it (secretly)  and decided I am just going to make one for myself !  I figured why not make a safety pin bracelet I would love it even more because I designed it.  I did however  look on pinterest  to see if there is anything like this online, and of course there was. I actually learned how to make this bracelet from this blog site which was easy to do and just great so thank you for sharing this information redflycreations.

I went to my local Joann store  awhile back and bought tiny glass beads, and tiny Safety Pins  to make this bracelet.  You can buy all kinds  of beads from abalone, to glass beads to wood beads etc.  I think I spent about two hours there just to figure out what colors I wanted to try out and what kind of beads  I wanted.  For the safety pins I found those in the sewing section of the store.  I had bought two packages  of  200 just to make sure I had enough.  Then  I bought elastic thread that’s  it all you need to make this bracelet  , but when the creation is done it looks like a million bucks.

To start this process  I just sat down and played around with the beads to see how I wanted it to look like and then wrote down on paper  two pinks, two abalone, two silvers  etc that way I would not forget my pattern.  The next step was just to add the beads to the safety pins and do as many as you can and set aside.

Once I was done doing this time consuming piece ( at first it was time consuming, but after awhile I learned other ways to make the process faster you will to) I then got the elastic Cord thread out.  Now you really need to know this part to the process  because you want to make sure you have enough thread not to little or not to much.  I measured my wrist circumference  with a measuring tape.  The size of my wrist was actually 7 inches so what I learned was that I needed to have 8 inches  of thread to work with.  the reason for this is because I tie a knot at one end of the thread to hold the pins in place while putting them on the thread see picture below.

How to make safety pin bracelet 2 (2)

As you can see I tied the two threads together at the bottom for now that way the safety pins don’t fall off the thread.  now you have to remember  that the safety pins need to be put on the threads  alternating  the heads and the bottoms that way they can stack together  perfectly. If you don’t do this your bracelet will look funny and just will not turn out.  Remember  the threads are elastic so leave a little room at the top of the thread about  a half an inch.  Once you have gotten to the end point of adding the safety pins to the thread then you need to tie the bracelet off.

Tie the beginning of the top string to the end of the top string.  Then tie the beginning of the bottom string to the end of the bottom string.  Tie them both securely. You will have some access string hanging and that is ok because what you want to make sure that the  bracelet will sit on your wrist not to tight and not to loose.  If the bracelet seems to be to loose then take it off your wrist and re-tie the ends to make it a little tighter, and repeat trying it on to see if it fits. Once you have the right fit to your bracelet   tighten the threads and then cut  off the access thread.

finished safety pin bracelet (2)

The End result  should look like this photo above. Now I have left over thread on this bracelet because this is made for my sister she stated her wrist size was 6 inches  so when I go to see her I want to make sure that it fits perfectly before I cut the remainder of the threads.

I absolutely love this idea and will be making more of these.  This idea is fun, creative, and simple yet comes out looking like a beautiful piece.  You can make this for your girl friends, for party favors, bridesmaids gifts , birthday presents etc the list goes on.  I hope this idea will get your creative juices  flowing.  Be safe with those safety pins and enjoy!


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