Something old turned into new


Do you ever get tired of getting the mail each day, opening it and feeling lazy just leaving it on the counter top of your kitchen? If you are one of those people that are like my husband than I get it.  I on the other hand have OCD (obsessive Compulsive disorder) I have to have my house nice and tidy, clean. It drives me batty when I see my house get cluttered, or just disorganized. I usually have to go behind my husband and clean up what he leaves around the house which I know drives him nuts, but hey happy wife, happy life right?

So where am I going with this well I went shopping the other day and just could not find what the heck I was looking for . We had a bare wall in our kitchen and for the longest time I did not know what to put up on that wall till I came with an idea to put something up there to hold our mail so it would no longer have to be piled up on our kitchen counter.  I decided to finally go into our local town Sutter Creek and shop at our wonderful antique stores. If you have never been into Sutter Creek please come visit the best little shabby Chic town with B&B’s, antiques, consignment stores, and great little restaurants. Oh one thing I forgot to mention this town is in the heart of wine country, or I would like to call it little Napa.  The wine country is a hidden gem in Northern California, trust me my husband and I lived in Rancho Murieta for three years and stumbled across the wine country one day, and never went back to the crowded Napa.  Next door to Sutter Creek is Amador City small quaint little town with a wonderful bakery, and my favorite store Bellflower garden store. They have so many unique things in that store from garden stuff to in door decor. I went there and found an old antique rod that had hooks on it with the old tag holders attached. I fell in love with it and looked at it for the longest time, and realized I can make something out of this!  bought it for 18 dollars and took it home to get started to design what I wanted out of it.

When we bought our house, the people who lived in our house before us had left a lot of reclaimed wood downstairs underneath our deck.  I had kept all of it and put the wood in our shop to dry out and just to sit there until I was ready to use for what ever projects I could think up.  So I had found a long piece of wood that was a perfect length for the rod.  I then took that wood sanded it down a little around the edges. I didn’t want to sand it down a lot because I wanted that old rustic look for my  project. After I had sanded it down I then painted a clear coat over the wood to bring out the beautiful color of the wood.  once the wood was dry I then put on the back of the wood wall hanging wire to hang it up , and then drilled the rod into the wood.

once I was done doing all that I kind of got stuck was not sure what to do with the hooks.  I thought maybe I can use little baskets, but could not find anything to use. All the baskets that I found were like wicker or the wire baskets were to big.  Then I came across burlap bags, and once again light bulb came on. When I got home with the burlap bags I realized they needed a little oomph so I then stenciled the word mail, and added a flower to the last bag. To hang the bags on the hooks I then tied twine to the little hoops that were already on the bags.  Ta da the finished product is now hanging on my wall in my kitchen!  I love it and I love the fact that my mail no longer sits on the counter top everyday.  of course I think it is funny that my husband forgets it is up there and does not check the mail I have to remind him you have mail up on the wall.  The other day he said to me it is kind of cool because it is like Christmas you go to your stocking .  I honestly never thought of that, but of course if you won something in the mail and it was in your mail bag that would be more like Christmas.

With this whole  idea I wanted to really share to others out there to let your mind be creative.  We sometimes forget that old stuff out there can be used over and over with time.  we tend to want what is new or what is the trend, but I believe unique styles and ideas that you never find out there always are more valuable.


Happy fourth Anniversay at Mulvaney’s


Courtesy of Mulvaney’s B&L

It has been four years since I married my husband, and for our anniversary he made reservations to Mulvaney’s B&L. I had no idea this place existed ( Sorry guess I do not get out much these days) until last weekend.  This place is a hidden gem in Downtown Sacramento an old brick building that is not so fancy on the inside, but very quaint and homey inside. The staff is wonderful they show no stress while working, and are very good at explaining the meals that will be presented that evening. Each day is a different menu apparently that was definitely a plus since my husband and I are such foodies.  Such a wonderful experience for the both of us, each entree was beautifully executed, and had such eclectic flavors leaving you guessing what is the next entree going to taste like. We did not leave that place disappointed at all. I have to add even my Cosmopolitan was to die for I think the best one I have ever had.

It was so nice to be able to share each entree with my husband and just be able to enjoy the scene of this place, making me feel like I did not want to leave I wanted to join in the fun in the kitchen.

So if you ever decide you want some quaint place to enjoy a date night or even have the whole family together and enjoy some food this is the place to go. It was certainly Heaven for us each meal got better and better, and the piece to the resistance was their version of a Hostess Ding Dong, Um way over the top leaving you in a food Coma.

Thank you Mulvaney’s for the wonderful evening and I had the pleasure to taste your craft.



The Bruetsch’s

A Business that needs recognition


OFP Farms

Old fashion Polly Magnesium cream Courtesy of OPF Farms


I have to take a moment to say thank you to OFP Farms for making something that works! During memorial day weekend my friend and I went to Sutter Creek and stumbled across a flea market, and several vendors. I came across OFP Farms tent and was not sure what to expect. The lady that was there explaining about their products actually was very helpful, and showed me their creams and salves. She talked about the magnesium cream and how it has helped her with her aches and pains from Plantar Fasciitis.

That was the light bulb for me because I have been suffering for years with this problem, and I have tried everything from Cortisone shots, physical therapy, orthotics and all those ideas seem to help, but then it comes back and I have to not be on my feet to much. If you know me I am not one who likes to be sitting all the time I like to be active and go for long walks, run, yoga, and kick boxing . So when the flair up happens to me I get so down because I know I have to limit myself to my activities that I love to do.

So I decided what the heck why not try this natural made idea and see if this will help me since I have been trying to do more Homeopathic treatments. It is now three weeks since I have been using this stuff and I totally swear by this stuff!  You really do not have to use to much of this stuff for it to work I bought the 2 oz cream and my husband and I have been using it.  My Husband he suffers from bone spurs and foot pain in both of his feet and I can’t believe he now puts this stuff on his feet everyday. He has not suffered from the pain he has in his feet ( however he is on his feet all day at work, he still gets an ache at the end of the day, but he says it is more tolerable than it was before so that is a plus).

The other day I had some neck pain and stiffness due to stress, and I have two protruding disks in my neck I used a little of the cream and rubbed it in. It certainly helped the stiffness and pain was gone, but I was a little achy due to me massaging it in. I felt like I just had a massage which if you have ever had a massage you would know what you feel like the day after a little achy the normal feeling.

Please check this Business out I plan on being a customer for a long time great products, and very friendly people. I would love to get the word out for them , now I use to work in Podiatry as an Medical assistant so I know all the ways to keep myself from being in pain with the Plantar Fasciitis I do all the things I am suppose to do. If your anything like me and want to try something new to see if anything helps please try this. I will be realistic with you  its not magic stuff that takes the pains Completely  away, but honestly it is great stuff certainly helps me and my husband. So please check out OFP Farms let them know you heard about them from my blog.

Rancho Murieta Community let’s support some small Businesses

” Valley Custom Carts picture is shown on this blog  as a Courtesy all copyrights are Valley Custom Carts”

I am such a firm believer in supporting small businesses, and to spread the word out there so they can grow to become bigger. To be honest I think with small businesses they take more time to know what the Customer wants, their needs, and develop a close relationship. I believe that you need to get the word out to others, so today I have decided to do just that. An old high school classmate of mine really does not know this, but I have totally admired his desire to go out there and start a business that he loves. It truly shows me not only does he love what he is doing, but he wants to share that gift to others. I live in a community that has the need for Golf carts, and ATV’s for the convenience of Golfing of course, or instead of driving your car why not just hop in your golf cart and get to the store, the park, or the lake to go fishing. For the past three years living here I have seen some pretty Unique ones from a San Francisco Giants Golf cart, to an old classic style car, and Hello Kitty pink ( yes I did say Hello Kitty). I have to say when there are events going on here in our Community such as Concerts, Summer fest, to old time baseball games etc I love seeing different style carts, and not just your regular looking ones. I never knew how much of a trend it is to have a unique Cart until I lived in this Community.

So I want to please welcome Valley Custom Carts to our Community. You can find them on Facebook and their Address is 1187 Vanderbilt Circle # 7 Manteca CA 95337  and the phone number is 209-665-6258.  Jason Garner is the owner of the Business and he stated to me that they can build any style from turning a old cart into a new one at a low cost. He also says they let the customers design what they want give them a rendering for approval and build their cart. I love his carts they are so unique such talent he has. So please take a look at his craftsmanship and I hope you can support his business.

Little Napa

Villa Toscano Winery in Plymouth, CA

Villa Toscano Winery in Plymouth, CA

Bella Piazza2

Bella Piazza Winery, Plymouth CA

Villa Toscano1

Villa Toscano Winery Plymouth, CA

Bella Piazza

Bella Piazza Winery Plymouth, CA

It is so funny my husband and I have lived in Rancho Murieta for 3 years now and never knew there was a hidden gem of a town called Plymouth. Plymouth is up highway 16 going towards South lake Tahoe, Placerville area. Now we heard of Sutter Creek, but never knew how many wineries were out there until one day when we decided to take a drive and explore. So beautiful the scenery is  with the rolling hills of grape vines, little bit of country just surreal.

We were starting to get hungry and found this one winery that did serve food it was called  Villa Toscano. Such a cute place that has a look of an Italian Vineyard. We wanted to taste their wine first before we got something to eat because if the wine was good we were going to enjoy a bottle of it together over lunch. I have to say amazing wine so many to choose from and such wonderful flavors that my husband and I became wine club members. If you have never been out that way you have to stop in and visit, the wine is amazing along with their food.

Not to far away from Villa Toscano is the Bella Piazza which is like the sister to Villa Toscano, and this Vineyard is even more breath taking. They too have a cafe which on Friday’s and Sundays they serve lunch where you can eat outside of their pretty patio or inside With a bunch of their wine barrels.  If you are a wine club member you can bring a guest with you to enjoy the lunch  for free.

Just sitting there listening to the birds chirping, the leaves of the trees swaying, sipping on a nice glass of wine. Enjoying the food, and the company that is with you who wouldn’t want to  experience that. I hope if you ever travel up to highway 16 you too will stop in to experience little Napa.

Trash N Treasure at Rancho Murieta, CA

I think the title sums it all up, looking for trash that you could turn into treasure for your home, or for a gift to a person etc.

I love this event that takes place every year in the month of May at the Consumes River elementary school off of HWY 16. The event is ran by the PTA which I give them  thumbs up for their hard work in planning this out every year. I love doing this because it is so much fun trying to sell what you no longer want in your house, hoping that someone else out there will love it. I also sell some of my Crafty things that I have made a long the way.  In the end if you can not sell stuff that you want to get rid of then you can donate to a good cause to This cause is so near and dear to me because I had a sister who had Cerebral Palsy, she passed away in 1984 at the age of six.

the event starts at 8:00 A.M. and ends at noon, but let me tell you people from all over line up for this event so you must be wide awake and ready to roll. Thank God I had my mother, sister, and my husband Chris to help without them I would of not been able to do it.

During this event I love to mingle get to know people Continue reading