Something Fun for the kids how to make home made butter

Home made butter (2)

Home made whipped butter

The other day my husband who loves to cook mentioned to me that our heavy whipping cream that we had in the fridge was about to expire and that I better use it soon.  Well I thought to myself what am I going to do with it since I was really not going to use it anytime soon for any baking ideas.  Then it dawn on me a childhood memory of mine, Pioneer days in elementary school in Washington state.  Ok now I am going to date myself I know, but I had to share this since I LOVED those days that we would have in school.

For Pioneer days they would have us children dress up  wearing  1800’s clothing from bonnets, to crochet shawls, to little house on the prairie dresses. It was a lot of fun to feel like being in another period of time for just one day.  We would learn how they lived, how they were craftsman, miners, farmers, homemakers etc. back in those days.  I would remember  how the women would wash their clothes, how they would iron the clothes, but one particular thing I would like to do was churn the butter in the tall old fashion churner.  I remember the person that did the presentation they would have the children inner act by pouring heavy whipping cream in the churn, and then she would pick someone from the group to churn for awhile. Each one of us would take turns, and then she would pull off the top of the churn and pull up the paddle to show the progress. I would be so fascinated to see how liquid would turn into that beautiful yellow whipped butter. I have to be perfectly honest the best tasting butter ever as well as all natural.

Now to present day I decided to go ahead and make whipped butter since I did not want to let that heavy whipping cream go to waste, but of course I don’t have a churn right! I always keep my left over glass jars that were previously used for salad dressing, or seasonings. I never get rid of them when they become empty because you can use them again for something like this.  So I had a mason jar and a left over dressing jar to use .  This is the part  that I know kids would love to do since you will get to teach them a little bit of science, and a little bit of history.  Such an easy and fun thing to do with the kids, but also teaching them they can help in the kitchen with you.

So what I did was I added a cup of heavy whipping cream in the mason jar, covered it with the lid nice and tight, and just started to shake it up.  Now when I noticed that it started to clump inside that of course is the butter, but during this process you are also making butter milk.  You will see that there is still some milk inside go ahead and poor that out.  I did that process by using a bowl and having a small colander over the bowl in case some of the butter falls out you can pick that up and put it back into the mason jar.

Home made butter idea

Put the lid back on the mason jar and shake again for awhile. You will see some more butter milk in the jar so repeat the step to drain it.  Keep shaking the mason Jar until you no longer see the milk, and the butter becomes a nice yellow color, and nicely whipped.

finally your are done you have whipped butter in the mason jar, and you can save the buttermilk for making butter milk pancakes, or for baking whatever you want.  I added the butter milk in the other jar that I had because I will eventually make a nice ranch dressing.  Keep the two in the fridge for about two weeks.  This idea is inexpensive, flavorful for baking or you can make different flavored butters from sage to garlic.  plus you even get to make butter milk for other baking or cooking processes, enjoy!