A Mickey Happy Birthday


I love to help out with event planning or just help out if someone asks me to  it’s  my passion. So a few months ago I was asked to help a co-worker of mine to do a few things for her sons first birthday.  I was delighted to help and totally honored since I love kids.  She told me that it was going to be a Mickey Birthday party for her son, and that she wanted a banner made to hang up at the birthday party table to show his pictures from New born to 12 months. I have to be honest I was a little nervous to do this since I have never made one of those before, and I wanted to make it perfect. So Of course I had to go on pinterest to get some ideas and think of what I really wanted to do.  I remembered that I had tons of felt from some previous projects that I have done in the past so I was going to use my Cricut , but we recently had a terrible storm that it was not working right ( I got it to work now thank Goodness!) I got a tracing of Mickey from the internet printed it up and traced it on Freezer parchment paper.

I swear by this stuff Just trace what ever it is you need to trace and then use a iron on low heat.  You want to make sure you lay the shinny side of the trace paper facing down on the felt fabric.  Just iron over the paper and you have it stuck to the felt.  Once that is done just cut around the tracing and you get your patterns.  mickey-felts

Once you have all the patterns cut out you can use a glue gun to attach the felt together. The process takes awhile, but it is easier than to sew the whole thing.  I was thinking of doing that, but realized that would take to long. The next step was To stencil the Patterns which was pretty easy to do. I had some stencils and fabric paint. When you use the fabric paint just remember it sometimes takes 24 hours for it to completely dry on the fabric.   The next idea I was thinking  was how is she going to attach the photos on this banner??  I thought I can just add to the banner tiny cloths pins which I had, but realized they were a little to big for the banner.  So I went out to Joanns and bought some tiny wooden cloths pins. the results are in the next photos.


I had so much fun doing this, that I realized I think I need to make more of these especially for one of my friends who is having a baby soon. She is a HUGE Disney fan so Finding Nemo is my next project.


Besides making the banner for the party I was asked to make my sugar cookies and she wanted me to make Mickey Mouse Cookies. Once again I have never made Mickey Mouse Cookies so I did go and buy a Mickey mouse Cookie Cutter to do this for the party ( One awesome Cookie Cutter to add to the rest of my other Cookie Cutters). I found them on Amazon and got them for a really reasonable price.  mickey-sugar-cookies

I had bought the Food Coloring gel online through Amazon as well,but I would prefer to use Wilton cake Decorating gel.  The Gel that I used was a little Glossy to me and that was not what I wanted to do, but in the end I think they turned out.  So I am thrilled that I got to do this for a little one’s first birthday it certainly turned out cute.


Wine Theme Bridal Shower

Bridal shower Wine theme idea

Bridal shower Wine theme idea

cake pop wine theme 6 cake pop wine theme 4 cake pop wine 5 Cake Pops wine theme

A couple of years ago a co-worker of mine told me she was going to get married at a vineyard, and I thought how nice. Well all of the co-workers wanted to throw her a a bridal shower at work, and I was approached to make cake pops. The first time I made cake pops let me tell you it was certainly time consuming and tedious, but through the years you get your technic down and it really is a piece of cake no pun intended.

The first time I saw a cake pop my husband brought it home  and was so excited to share this with me. I thought to myself this is one big lollipop, but um nope it was a brilliant idea from Starbucks. If you have never had a cake pop I would be surprise try them at Starbucks especially the birthday cake. Because I was so intrigued by these things I decided to do them myself. The first time I made them I took them to work, and everyone at first was like what the heck is this, but then once they tasted them the rest was history I was the cake pop baker at my work. I loved to share this new idea to everyone, and so I got to be a little creative at this Bridal shower.

One of my co-workers asked me how can we do this make it a wine theme, it took me awhile to figure it out. She had a brilliant idea to get wine boxes for the cake pops stands,  and I would stick Styrofoam in them and cover them up with shredded grass or paper. I was not sure where to get the wine boxes, but she went to the local grocery store and they had these boxes in the back ready to be tossed out!!! Now I am not sure if you can still do this since now a days Pinterest has made them so popular so you could ask your local grocery store if they have these in the back ready to be tossed and if so can you take them off their hands, they would be happy to do that for you since less trash for them to compact. These boxes were so nice I could not believe that they were ready to be tossed out in the garbage. So she got a couple of these for free and then I did the finishing touches. It was a lot of fun, and creative idea I thought to share this with you

Throw back Thursday Wedding

This was our wedding cake with all of the old photos of both sets of our grand parents who wanted to remember on our wedding day.

This was our wedding cake with all of the old photos of both sets of our grand parents who wanted to remember on our wedding day.

I have noticed lately when I go on Facebook and see my friends or family posting on Thursdays each week they seem to have old pictures from the past. So I thought why not do the same here on my site and share my wedding day and some ideas. Of course it is appropriate to share since my 3rd year wedding anniversary is coming up June 23rd, hard to believe been married three years already time sure does fly. I remember the planning and trying to think of the unique ideas I wanted to incorporate for our big day. We had a very small quaint wedding with just our immediate family and closes friends since we had a small budget of 5000. I had one year of planning and a binder with tabs in it to help me become organized and hopefully stress free. My Husband and I decided to get married in Lake Tahoe ( at the time we were living in the state of Washington). Everything was going smoothly until three months before the wedding when I found out my Venue fell threw. Now I will not go into details, but Panic Strickened me, and yes Bridezilla was about to come out. Luckily we found another idea, and with the help of Alisha Newman at Forest Suites in South Lake Tahoe ( our Angel for sure!) The wedding was a success. My husband and I  can not say thank you enough to the hotel, and their wonderful staff. Their hospitality was beyond wonderful. So if you come across this blog and are wanting to know where to go to get married let Alisha Newman know I sent you.

For our Budget yes it was not a whole lot to work with, but I was going to make sure it can give us something to remember. I thought about what is more important spending money more on flowers the cake or Photos. Really what it came down to it  for me was the photos those are irreplaceable. So our photographers they  were recommended to us from my friend Tricia.  Turner Photography is who we used nice couple who did a great job.  The second thing on our list was the reception I wanted to make sure that we had great food for everyone and the cake was going to be wonderful since my husband and I are foodies. Once again Alesha Newman at the Forest Suites helped us out and had it catered which was great food, and the cake was so yummy! Sorry I love sweets can not help myself who would of thought!

Flowers was last on my list and your probably thinking really? yes really do not get me wrong I absolutely love flowers, but the thing is they die so fast and then after the ceremony I was not going to be able to really enjoy them since I was going on my honeymoon two days later. So I really thought hard on this and wanted Gerber Daisies since I love Gerber daisies and they really are inexpensive. to be honest my bouquet was a little more then the rest of the flowers for my bridesmaids and groomsmen, but hey that is OK your the bride right? I wanted to have something unique for our wedding and since we got our venue changed to the beach ( which I once again can not be more grateful about it) I came across an idea with vintage Parasols for the isle.

For our Cake area I wanted to do something different since My grandparents, and my husbands grandparents have passed away I had gathered some old photos of them and put them in some frames kind of like to say hey we miss you and wish you were here. I know in my heart they were all with us on our special day. I did the same for my bouquet I had found a little locket and had asked my mom for a picture of my sister who had passed away when she was 6 years old back in 1984. I wanted to have that special moment to know she was  with me walking down the isle to,  as if she was one of my bridesmaids.

Thinking back on that day it sure did turn out wonderful, had a great time with my family and friends the weather was just right, The Venue was beautiful everything was a smooth stress free success. I have to say thank you to my family and my friends for also helping Chris and I make it our special day.

Our wedding day

Our wedding day

We had little bells on our tables and the card on them said this,

We had little bells on our tables and the card on them said this, ” Ring the bells of wedding bliss. Ring for the newlyweds when they kiss.”

On my Bouquet  notice the little locket with my sisters picture on it.

On my Bouquet notice the little locket with my sisters picture on it.