DIY Body scrub

Brown sugar body scrub

So it is that time of year where you wear summer dresses, shorts and those cute summer tops to stay cute and Cool. The one Vice I have is wearing sandals and flip flops cause I love to just feel free from those shoes I normally wear at work. The down side of it for me is that my feet get very dry and rough so I love to make my own home made body scrub to make my skin feel smooth and it scrubs away the rough patches on my feet.

I love to recycle bottles, glass jars, tin cans because you can always reuse them for presents or crafty projects. I love to use my glass jars that I get from yankee candle stores or the candles I buy from Bath and body Works. So when the wax is down to the very bottom I usually place them in the Freezer for a few days, and then take it out and break the rest of the old wax with a knife and there you have a nice empty glass jar.

How I make my Body scrub is with Brown sugar, Turbinado Sugar, olive oil, Vanilla and that is it. You can buy smelly scents at your local craft store if you do not want to smell like brown sugar usually Michael’s carries scents to use to make soaps. As you notice I did not fill the whole jar up with the home made body scrub, but this stuff goes a long ways. I use it three times a week and i use very little. You really want to be careful  when you use this in the shower cause it can cause the Shower floor or tub a little slippery so do not use to much.

How to mix it all together:  Use 1/2 cup of Brown sugar, 1/2 a cup of Turbinado sugar, 1 cap full of vanilla, 1/4 cup of olive oil ( I would start out with 1/4 and if it is to dry then add a little bit of oil to your liking)

This can last a long time trust me I had mine for 9 months until I had to make another batch. Be sure and not leave the jar in the shower cause the lid can get rusty unless you decide to spray paint the lid with a rust-ole um type paint.

So enjoy a inexpensive way to stay soft, healthy and toxins or allergic based products. Have a happy summer!