Sleep Over at Aunties

I am now sitting down and relaxing after having my 6 year old niece staying with me over night.

I totally enjoy having her over because I don’t have any children myself, so when I do have her over  I love to spoil her.  We started out first by going shopping I had to do a couple of errands, but I also took her to our favorite store Michael’s. I had already planned what we were going to be doing together and that was some art projects. I had a little list and told her to help me pick out the stuff and put it in the basket.  She was a great little helper for sure and was ready to go back home as she said “let’s get this party started!” You have to laugh when kids say the darnedest things.

When we got home the next thing we did together was made her fort in the living room.  She loves having a fort, of  course this time she did not sleep in it like she did last time, but it is her little sanctuary. Fort

I wanted her to be able to do something she would love to do and have fun with it so our first project was making our pet rocks. When I told her what we were doing and that I did this when I was a little girl she basically said to me, ” do you make these because you did not have a pet?” I told her yes that we made these in elementary  school , made little homes for them and took them everywhere with us. The project was a little tedious, but in the end she loved doing itThis project is perfect  really  you can find rocks anywhere and then use whatever colored paint, and design however you like. Let the little ones minds run wild doing this. pet rocks

Our other project we did together was make a turtle come to life. I had a lot of left over felt so I thought why not cut some pieces out and then she can put it together with a glue gun. I got the idea from this website  How to make a felt turtle felt turtle

We actually made one other project, but that is a secret! we made a birthday present for her mom, will have to share that with you another day soon since her birthday is coming up.

I certainly was productive with my niece and she was very busy the whole time she was here. We even made Chocolate chip Pancakes for breakfast, and root beer floats for desert. I almost forgot at one point she said she was exhausted from all the crafting that she wanted to relax and watch a movie! Now I have to say I did my job I tuckered her out doing lots of crafts.

Until next time This Woman is tired and ready to say goodnight.